JUDr. Dorian Merešš has been practicing law since 1999. He obtained a law degree at the prestigious Law School of Masaryk University in Brno.

After successful completion of his apprenticeship and Barrister final examinations he was entered into the Register of Barristers of the Slovak Bar Association under file number 1724 and he has been practicing as a barrister since 1st January 2003. He has also been entered in the Register of Defenders ex offo in criminal proceedings since 1st January 2003. >> more...
Rýchla právna poradňa
je služba, ktorú poskytuje naša Advokátska kancelária, predovšetkým v oblastiach občianskeho, rodinného a pracovného práva a v oblasti dedičského konania. >> viac...
JUDr. Dorian Merešš
Žriedlova 28
040 01 Košice, Slovak republic

Mob. phone: +421 907 925 758
Tel.: +421 55 55 00 906
e-mail: meress@meress.sk
ReferencieAccording to the Rules of Conduct for Barristers issued by the Slovak Bar Association we are entitled to provide information about our clients in the set form only and with the prior consent of each client, stating the name of the person to whom the information will be disclosed.
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