Business law
preparation of complete documentation and foundation of companies /limited liability companies, joint stock companies etc..

representation in proceedings before the Court of Registry and Trade Licence Office.

preparation of complete documentation in case of changes in the companies /transfer of business shares or stock, relationships between the members of the company, alteration of business activities, change of authorized representatives and manner of their acting, change of the company name, increase and decrease of registered capital, change of legal form, liquidation and expungement of the records of the company.

preparation of the sessions of the General Meetings of legal entities.

ensuring the alterations are entered in the Register of Companies and Register of Trades.

drawing up and scrutinizing of contracts (contract of sale, contract for work done, contract of brokerage, consignment contract, contract of mandate, etc.).

court and out-of-court exaction of claims from business relationships, security of claims.

preparation of pleadings and complete representation in all kinds of proceedings pursuant to the Commercial Code.

out-of-court settlement of business disputes.

legal counselling in the branch of business law.
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